Rise 8

Too many high-potential managers and leaders are stuck with a title but don’t feel like they’re able to really unleash their authentic, powerful self to create the change they know is best for the organization, the people in their charge, and themselves.

This is where Rise 8 comes in.  Rise 8 is a coaching, training, and consulting company that partners with managers and leaders to help them unleash their potential and influence the world around them.

The name Rise 8 comes from the old saying, “Fall seven times, rise eight…” This really speaks to the grit required to accomplish big, audacious goals in life. We believe all humans have virtually unlimited potential and to tap into that power within, one needs to set big goals and continue to take steps towards them. If your goals and dreams are big enough, you will experience failure from time to time. But if you keep rising, you WILL accomplish what you put your mind to.

Julian – Founder and Executive Coach

Julian is an Executive Coach and founder of Rise 8, a coaching and consulting company that helps managers and leaders influence the world around them.  Julian believes that all people have unlimited potential and that leaders and managers have a unique platform from which they can help unleash that potential; however, they must start by unleashing theirs first.  Julian believes a world in which more people have unlocked their passion is a brighter, more energetic place for life to thrive.

Julian has worked with leaders in the federal government, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors helping them strengthen their communication skills, bring forth their authentic leadership style, bolster their coaching skills, and deepen their presence.

In addition to his extensive experience in the public and private sectors, Julian is a trained and certified Executive Coach.  He holds a Master’s in Public Management from American University in Washington, D.C. and a Bachelor’s in Communication and Political Science from Western Washington University.  Julian also holds certifications in Training, Public Management, and Leadership for Organizational Change.